How to Make Coffee in Stardew Valley?

How to Make Coffee in Stardew Valley?

Ah, coffee! Who doesn’t love the rich aroma and energizing effects of a fresh cup of java? In this article, we’ll show you how to make coffee in the popular game Stardew Valley. Let’s dive into the world of farming and brewing, shall we?

What is Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game where players cultivate their farms, raise animals, mine, fish, and engage in various activities to build a thriving community. One of the many aspects of the game involves growing crops and creating artisan goods, including coffee.

The Importance of Coffee in Stardew Valley

In the game, coffee serves two primary purposes:

1. Energy Boost

Drinking coffee restores some of your character’s energy, which is essential for performing daily tasks like farming, mining, and fishing.

2. Speed Increase

Coffee also temporarily increases your character’s walking speed, making it easier to traverse the game world and complete tasks more efficiently.

Ingredients and Tools Required

To make coffee in Stardew Valley, you’ll need two things:

1. Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are the primary ingredient in making coffee. You can grow them on your farm or purchase them from various sources in the game.

2. Keg

A keg is a crafting station that produces various beverages, including coffee. You can craft a keg yourself or obtain one through other means.

Growing Coffee Beans in Stardew Valley

1. Planting

To grow coffee beans, plant them in tilled soil during the spring or summer. They take 10 days to grow and mature.

2. Harvesting

Once coffee plants mature, they produce beans every two days. You can harvest the beans by right-clicking or using a tool on the plants.

Crafting a Keg in Stardew Valley

Materials Needed

To craft a keg, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 30 Wood
  • 1 Copper Bar
  • 1 Iron Bar
  • 1 Oak Resin

Crafting Process

Once you’ve gathered the materials, open your crafting menu, locate the keg recipe, and click on it to craft your keg.

Making Coffee in Stardew Valley

1. Placing Coffee Beans in the Keg

With your keg placed on your farm, interact with it and place five coffee beans in the keg’s inventory.

2. Waiting Time

The keg takes two hours of in-game time to process the coffee beans into coffee. Once the brewing process is complete, interact with the keg again to collect your freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Stardew Valley Coffee Variations

Stardew Valley also offers two coffee variations that provide additional benefits:

1. Triple Shot Espresso

You’ll need three cups of coffee and a kitchen to make a triple Shot Espresso. Combine three cups of coffee in the kitchen to create a triple-shot espresso. This provides a faster speed boost and energy restoration than regular coffee.

2. Coffee Milk

Coffee milk is a unique beverage that requires both coffee and milk. Combine a cup of coffee with any size of milk in the kitchen to create coffee milk. This drink restores energy and grants a temporary speed boost like regular coffee, but it also provides minor health restoration.

How to Obtain Coffee Beans and Kegs

1. Buying Coffee Beans

If you want to avoid growing your coffee beans, purchase them from the traveling cart merchant or the night market when they are available. Keep in mind that prices may vary.

2. Obtaining Kegs

In addition to crafting kegs, you can receive them as rewards for completing specific bundles in the Community Center or at various in-game events.

Tips and Tricks to Make Coffee in Stardew Valley

  • Plant coffee beans in large quantities to ensure a steady supply for brewing.
  • Place kegs close to your coffee bean crops for convenient brewing.
  • Utilize coffee’s speed boost to maximize efficiency during daily tasks.


Now that you know how to make coffee in Stardew Valley, you’re ready to enjoy the energizing benefits of this popular beverage. Happy brewing, and may your farm prosper!


Q 1. Can I sell coffee in Stardew Valley? 

Yes, you can sell coffee and its variations for profit.

Q 2. Do coffee plants die at the end of the season?

Coffee plants die at the end of summer, so make sure to harvest your beans before the season ends.

3. Can I give coffee as a gift to other characters? 

Yes, coffee is a universally liked gift, making it an excellent choice for most villagers.

4. Does coffee stack with other speed-boosting items? 

Yes, coffee’s speed boost stacks with other speed-boosting items like the Spicy Eel dish or Pepper Poppers.

5. Can I grow coffee beans in the Greenhouse? 

Yes, you can grow coffee beans in the Greenhouse, allowing year-round coffee production.

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