Does Milwaukee Make a Coffee Maker?

Does Milwaukee Make a Coffee Maker?

Milwaukee is a famous manufacturer of power tools and other construction equipment. But does Milwaukee make a coffee maker?

The answer is yes, but it’s not widely available.

In 2021, Milwaukee released a limited-edition Packout Coffee Maker to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary. The coffeemaker was only available to Milwaukee distributors and select retailers and sold out quickly.

The Packout Coffee Maker was a battery-powered coffee maker designed to be used on the job site. It was compatible with Milwaukee’s M18 batteries and could brew a cup of coffee in under two minutes.

The coffee maker also had several features that made it ideal for camping or use on the job site, including:

  • A rugged design that could withstand being dropped or knocked over
  • A spill-proof lid
  • A cord reel that made it easy to store and transport the coffee maker
  • A built-in carrying handle

Milwaukee has yet to announce any plans to release a new coffee maker, but the Packout Coffee Maker was a popular product, and there is a lot of demand for a Milwaukee coffee maker from construction workers and other tradespeople.

Why Milwaukee Packout is not more popular?

As mentioned above, the Packout Coffee Maker was a limited-edition product that was only available to a select group of retailers. Milwaukee also did not promote the coffee maker very heavily, so many people need to know about its existence.

What are the benefits of a Milwaukee coffee maker?

There are a number of benefits to using a Milwaukee coffee maker, including:

Durability: Milwaukee tools are known for their durability, and the Packout Coffee Maker was no exception. It was designed to withstand being dropped or knocked over, making it ideal for use on the job site.

Portability: The Packout Coffee Maker was battery-powered and had a built-in carrying handle, making it easy to transport and use anywhere.

Convenience: The Packout Coffee Maker can brew a cup of coffee in under two minutes, making it a convenient option for busy people on the go.

Brand reputation: Milwaukee is a trusted brand in the construction industry, so consumers can be confident that a Milwaukee coffeemaker will be high quality.

Who should buy a Milwaukee coffee maker?

Milwaukee coffee makers are ideal for people who need a durable and portable coffeemaker that can be used on the jobsite or anywhere else. They are also a good option for busy people who need a convenient way to quickly make a cup of coffee.

What are the alternatives to a Milwaukee coffeemaker?

If you cannot find a Milwaukee Packout Coffeemaker, several other portable coffee makers are available on the market. Some popular alternatives include:

Makita Coffee Maker: The Makita Coffee Maker is another popular battery-powered coffee maker designed for use on the jobsite. It is similar to the Milwaukee Packout Coffeemaker regarding features and performance.

Bosch 18V Cordless Coffee Maker: The Bosch 18V Cordless Coffee Maker is another good option for a battery-powered coffee maker. It is smaller and lighter than the Milwaukee and Makita coffee makers but less durable.

AeroPress: The AeroPress is a manual coffee maker popular with backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts. It is very portable and easy to use, but making coffee with an AeroPress can be more time-consuming than with a battery-powered coffee maker.


If you are looking for a durable and portable coffee maker that can be used on the jobsite or anywhere else, a Milwaukee Packout Coffee Maker is a great option. However, the Packout Coffee Maker is a limited-edition product that is now widely available. Suppose you cannot find a Packout Coffee Maker. In that case, several other portable coffee makers are available on the market, such as the Makita Coffee Maker, the Bosch 18V Cordless Coffee Maker, and the AeroPress.